Monday, 5 July 2010

Science or Art? transparent animals with coloured bones

Two posts in one, I do feel bloggerish. Haha~! xD 
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Japanese researchers have discovered a way to render a dead animal’s flesh and muscles completely transparent, and somehow dyed their skeletal systems a variety of cyan and magenta colors, all presumably in the name of scientific research.


  1. thats kinda gross... but cool at the same time oO where do you get all that stuff from? your blog makes me smart in a weird way xD

  2. Cute! XD I want to be scanned too! It must be cool to see my bones in various colours! (^_~)

    Anyway, my mum fixed the calculator already! (*^-^)v

  3. wow! that's so cool!!!!!!!!and lolz..they look like cute toys and not actual fishes!

  4. woow beautiful and kinda interesting :) zombi fish :)

  5. Yeah, I heard about the angry Germany & Argentine people too (-.- ) Come on! I mean.. Threatening it won't make any sense. Paul is just an innocent octopus. Lol!! XDXD