Thursday, 25 February 2010

Leaving on a jet plane....

It doesn't have to do anything with the topic but.....
Seriously?? O___o

In about seven hours I will be on a plane to London (once again  ...n'again'n'again...).
I couldn't be happier =)
...yet I have extreme flight anxiety and am about to cry everytime I think about boarding that aircraft.

Anyways~ what I wanted to say was that I won't be able to blog til I come back next week then.
And also I won't have time to check out your blogs
- but will do as soon as I'm back.

 That's a great time to share a gorgeous (-irony-) link too. xDD

Why don't you, while waiting desperately for my next post (-even more irony-),
watch some cheese ripe?

It's actually a webcam that lets you see cheese ripe in realtime. 
In realtime!!!
Real cheese! Riping realtime! In front of a cam!
Now isnt that just awesome??!
Why, yes it is. 

Soon to be back,

Friday, 19 February 2010

The scale of the universe!

This is uber-kool! It is amazing how small we are in the universe.

click the link!!..not the crappy picture..

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Yea
to everyone! =)

It's the year of the tiger, so I took some time to make tiger cookies~!

The recipe is just usual butter cookies - covered in white and painted in milk chocolate.
I love bakin~! ^^

This one's my favourite:

uhh..yeh.."happy" valentine's day..

I couldn't care less about it, but..somehow it's still there tho.

Which reminds me,..... I bought myself (oh the failure xDDD ) a cute heart necklace some days ago....
that was when I kinda noticed that I look somewhat..well...urrmm...
...let's just say I'm not made for cute necklaces. Haha.


Friday, 12 February 2010

I'm craving for BRAAAAINS....

some brainy stuff for the brain sucking zombies that are reading my blog~ yarrrwrr~!
WARNING: Some of the stuff may not be for the light-hearted aka disgusting!!

You think Neuroscience is not for normal-brained people?! Same here. 
But hey, there is good news for you:
   ( Because it has cats)
 Everything seems so clear and easy now!! O__o

Brain and other "intestine" cakes at
(awesome blog by the way):

Brain Ice Cube Molds:

Brain Cupcakes:

HOW TO: Carve a brain out of a watermelon:

Bloody Brain Shooters - An awesome drink recipe:

Damn Kool BRAIN BOWLS @ foldedpigs's Etsy Shop:
 Do Want!!! (T__T)/

And this....
whatever it is:
Some kind of a make your own brain mix..O__o

SERIOUSLY only for people with a strong stomach!!
It is what it is...A bathtub full of brains!

(I didnt take any of these pictures - just sharing the links. Check out the blogs. Enjoy!)

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Your Guardian Angel - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

I love this song~ and the lyrics mean a lot to me.

 Ooohh~ sweet, sweet melancholy~ drama babee!  xDD

Saturday, 6 February 2010


the first bento i made~
more to come....