Saturday, 25 December 2010


Hey there!!!(^-^)v
I wish all of you a

Yesterday was Christmas Eve ~ and I got some awesome presents.
Oh and we got loads of snow here - so it's white Christmas! Yay!
My family is celebrating very traditional
which kinda means eating 3 days straight. ^^"
And of course going to church and meeting relatives.

I hope you all have a great Christmas too~
and sorry for the long hiatus. >__<
I will try to blog more again.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Love Land Invaders

Hey all~~! Im gonna read n' comment n' write back, talk, etc. tomorrow.
I already saw awesome new posts on my Dashboard. *__*
I'm actually on the way to bed and didn't plan to blog rite now...
However I saw that I seem to be semi-hibernating from this blog, which doesnt please me at all.
I want to post more regularly again.
Does this all make sense?? O__o

Love Land Invaders

Amazing fashion shots taken in Japanese Love Hotel (ラブホテル) Rooms
by Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace.

Can I please get that for my room too?!
They've got a lot more stunning pictures on their website:
Check it out~!

So I'll be off to bed
and, depending on what time zone you're in,
wish you a good night or a lovely day! =]

Friday, 3 December 2010

A bit of Alien on earth - NASA finds new life.

Parallel life (Image: Science/AAAS)
"NASA has discovered a completely new life form that doesn’t share the biological building blocks of anything currently living in planet Earth. 

This changes everything. […]
All life on Earth is made of six components: carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur. Every being, from the smallest amoeba to the largest whale, share the same life stream. Our DNA blocks are all the same.
But not this one. This one is completely different. 
Discovered in the poisonous Mono Lake, California, this bacteria is made of arsenic, something that was thought to be completely impossible."

via Gizmondo.

More about this on:
Discover Magazine
New Scientist
This new lifeforms DNA is different to all living creatures existing on earth.
They subsist on arsenci which is poisonous.

That doesnt make life on other planets seem too imposible does it?
Do you believe there is life out there in the universe?

Probably not like this tho xD via here.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Random Snowy Update + NewHaircolour

At -9 degrees and with loadsa snow these days are golden.
Everything looks so peacefully covered in white. =] 

And I managed to achieve the ultimate whiteness in my haircolour too.
Sorry for the crappy pic..but that's what I look like. xDDD
Yea, my teeth are that crooked. and oh, that's actually white eyeshadow on my lips.
It will be an eye-opener to those of my friends who still like to believe my overbleached blonde hair happened by accident.
Surprise! I want it that way! And no I dont care if other ppl do not like it.

Nevertheless, I want to change my haircolour into something more natural like that:
I was lazy and did this with the stupid cosmopolitan makeover tool, which also changes the shape of your face and stuff... xDD
and the shape of my face doesn't match that of any celebrities....

But I'm not quite in a christmassy giving spirit yet...
I just made a present I thought was nice..
but the recipient didn't like it.
I  even made comment -good or bad- at all...
I'm frustrated to have put lots of effort into smthn so useless. =(

Also I was happy to get a part time job and finally make some money..
when my glasses (after years of wearing) scattered to pieces yesterday and it will be around 300 to replace them. Shite!

Hahahah xDD
Who knows..I might look like this once I'm old...
This makeover tool sucks ass....

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

8metres of icy awesomeness


They both made some quite other amazing works too.
For more visit their websites.

Can we have more snow here too please?
There's still an igloo to build....