Saturday, 25 December 2010


Hey there!!!(^-^)v
I wish all of you a

Yesterday was Christmas Eve ~ and I got some awesome presents.
Oh and we got loads of snow here - so it's white Christmas! Yay!
My family is celebrating very traditional
which kinda means eating 3 days straight. ^^"
And of course going to church and meeting relatives.

I hope you all have a great Christmas too~
and sorry for the long hiatus. >__<
I will try to blog more again.


  1. メリークリスマスとハピーニウーヤ、アイヂールちゃん!o(^w^)o

  2. Hey ^^ no i don't live near there i'm in the north east. Apparently there was a doppelganger of me in the same town, but i've never met her! i hope u had a great xmas break and thanks for the visit ^^