Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Love Land Invaders

Hey all~~! Im gonna read n' comment n' write back, talk, etc. tomorrow.
I already saw awesome new posts on my Dashboard. *__*
I'm actually on the way to bed and didn't plan to blog rite now...
However I saw that I seem to be semi-hibernating from this blog, which doesnt please me at all.
I want to post more regularly again.
Does this all make sense?? O__o

Love Land Invaders

Amazing fashion shots taken in Japanese Love Hotel (ラブホテル) Rooms
by Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace.

Can I please get that for my room too?!
They've got a lot more stunning pictures on their website:
Check it out~!

So I'll be off to bed
and, depending on what time zone you're in,
wish you a good night or a lovely day! =]


  1. Japanese Love Hotel~~ Bwufufufufufu! o(>w<)o

    It's okay to be semi-hiatus because it's better than no blogging for 2 months! XDXD

  2. thanks for visiting my blog ! ^^
    nice url ^_<

    CHOCOLATE IS EVIL !!!!!!!!

    waaaaaaaaaaa !

    hehe, i hope we can be friends ^^

    keep safe !

  3. Wow, amazing shots. I've only been to a love hotel here in Japan once, but it was a very interesting experience (seeing the room, I mean [clears throat]) ;-) Thanks for posting these and the link. Very creative photography

  4. Aah, Japan... they know how to make everything look awesome and fun... XD Sweet photos!

    And I know what you mean, I feel a need to update my blog on a regular basis... @__@