Thursday, 31 March 2011

Hairy update~

I changed my haircolour again recently.
Rabbito actually noticed from the small profile pic. xD

After turning white, my hair became quite overbleached and
Basically I am looking to go back to a haircolour that is more easily to maintain.
Like brownish, dark purple or black?

I thought, having a white base is quite good for changing into any colour.
So now I'm this:

I'm such a lady! xD
I'm a bit scared of changeing into something dark, still I think blonde or at least bright colours fit me best.
Tough decision.

The good thing is my current workplace allows any kind of colour as there is no dresscode.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Riots in Central London yesterday

If you are like me and barely follow the news
(except for some major happenings I'd say)
you might happen to come out of the tube station 
and find the city in a state of devastation.
protesters climbing the Eros statue
I knew there were protests going on
but I expected nothing like this when I came out of Piccadilly station.

Anti-capitalist protesters, demonstrating against the government’s public spending cuts,
knocked over  trash bins, setting them on fire, smashed the windows of banks and shops and sprayed anarchist symbols over buildings.
graffiti and broken window of HSBC bank
(pics taken with my mobile)

Some pictures (via ):
((R) Steve Parsons/PA Wire)

Monday, 21 March 2011


besides my life being...idk..... i dont know what to say about the moment =(

GEEZ! I cant. Stop Listening. To. It.