Thursday, 29 July 2010


Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Obakemono Project

A database with information and pictures of a wide variety of Japanese ghosts.
I found it to be quite interesting. And I like the style of the pictures.

 I think Kitsune and Tanuki are my favourite type of Obake.

山姥 (やまうば)
Mountain Hag
other names: Yamanba 山姥 (やまんば)
A female figure, sometimes considered a type of monster, thought to inhabit mountainous regions. She takes a variety of forms in art and folklore, both benevolent and malicious, and is closely related to some concepts of the Yama no Kami (the deity of the mountains). Via: http: //  

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Japan Island Dishes

Japan's islands created as dishes.
Okinawa is designed to be a chopstick holder.
Do want!

TAG - Questions (German)

so it's time to answer some questions:

  1. Was für eine Fähigkeit hättest du gerne/ würdest du gerne lernen?
    Den Menschen die ich kenne jeden Tag zu ihrem schoensten zu machen.
    Super-uber-mega-1337 programming skills..ohne dafuer zu bueffeln.
    Alle moeglichen Sprachen zu sprechen.

  2. Gibt es Länder / Städte bei denen du nicht dazu bereit wärst dort hinzufahren? Wenn ja, warum?
    Allgemein Laender in denen gerade Krieg herrscht. Laender die zu radikal Muslimisch sind. (Klingt das gemein?)

  3. In einem Wort: Was ist Mode für dich?
    Nacktstellenabdeckung xD
    (mal ehrlich, ich interessiere mich schon fuer/achte auf Mode, will hier jetzt aber nicht ueber 'Ausdruck der Persoenlichkeit', etc. sinieren) letztendlich war das ja mal der eigentliche Nutzen

  4. Gibt es TV-Sendungen, Zeitungsartikel etc. die du zensieren würdest?
    Yap. So Sachen wie z.B. South Park find ich zu heftig fuers freie Fernsehen. (Ich finde Sex mit Tieren und dergleichen sollte als Thema Taboo bleiben.)

  5. Dein Patentrezept gegen die Hitze?
    Viel kuehle Getraenke, ab und zu ein Eis, rumliegen und geniessen solang es geht =)
    hier regenet es naemlich schon wieder....
  6. Sagen Eissorten etwas über deren Verputzer aus?
    Ich bin mehr der Schokoladen-sorten Mensch
    und Fruchtsorten/Erdbeer-Leute waren mir schon immer irgendwie suspekt...xD

  7. Was kann man von Kindern lernen?
    unbeschwert zu sein, vertrauen, viel zu lachen, sich nicht immer so viele Gedanken zu machen was andere denken
  8. Wenn du erkältet bist, dann bist du...
    am liebsten zuhause, eingekuschelt in nen grossen Pulli und am zocken.

  9. Wer hat dir bisher das schönste Geschenk gemacht, das nichts gekostet hat?
    1.Jesus durch seinen Tod fuer mich am Kreuz und seine Gnade die ich jeden Tag durch so viel schoenes erfahren darf. =)
    2.Meine Mom, indem sie mich immer unterstuetzt (naja, das bringt oft auch kosten mit sich xD)
    3.Mein Freund,  der die halbe Nacht durch London kurvt um um 5Uhr morgens doch noch vor meiner Tuer zu stehn.
  10. Einzelkind oder Schwester/Bruder?
    Zwei juengere Brueder (13 und 19). Den einen bekomme ich fast nie zu Gesicht, der andere kommt ganz nach mir. Bad influence? Haha.

I'm tagging
your New Questions are:

1. If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?
2.What time is bed time?
3.If you were a super-hero, what would be your hero-name?
4.What was the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten?
5.Can you cry underwater?
6.Why does Pluto live in a dog house, eat dog food, etc. but Goofy (who is also a dog) lives in a flat and drives a car?

Monday, 26 July 2010

TAG - Show me your city!

This is a new TAG created by Captain Cow
Her blogspot entry: 
Simply post some pictures of your city.
I think this is a very interesting idea!

So here are some pictures that show a tiny tiny bit of the city
that surrounds me at the moment:

As this is still a very new activity
I'm tagging everyone who's interested in participating.
Just create your entry
- and maybe post the link in the comments here.
I'd luv to see your cities.
(Rednecks in villages may also take part xDDD).

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Unthink this. Eeny meeny tiny tiny Giveaway! CLOSED

Hey there!
Sorry for not posting for long. u__u
A friend came over to visit me, so we're hanging out around the city
each day being pretty busy.
I'll post again next Wednesday.
Until then, take part in my
tiny tiny Giveaway! It's really tiny. O__o
I want to say thank you to all of my followers for reading my blog! =)

So here it is:
sorry, mobile phone cam bad pic.. >__<

1.Mini Sushi Notepad
2.Pearl Rabbit Keychain
3.Tube Map xDD
4.Cute Cat Rubber
5.Cute Face Stickers
6. Pocky Thai - Banana Chocolate Flavour

How to participate - Rules:

1. You must be one of my followers.
2.Post a comment under this blog just saying you want to have it.
3.Please mention it on your blog.

Open until next Sunday.
Winner will be chosen through generator.
Good luck and Thank You! 


I drew a winner using
The 3rd comment was made by
so she is the Winner.
and Thank you guys for taking part. =)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

random useless ramblings...

It's so hot thesedays.... and I'm drinkin way too much.
Cant bring myself to do anything useful but too hot to skin gets bad and I gotta go on diet.
Yea, it feels like summer xDDD

Tonights crappy gyaru-ish make up:

 made some light summer food.....
unfortunately i seem to get diarrhea from whatever i eat..
yea, not that anyone would like to know. hahahaha xDDD

Hopefully gonna get some things done and blog tomorrow. (@___@")

Monday, 5 July 2010

Science or Art? transparent animals with coloured bones

Two posts in one, I do feel bloggerish. Haha~! xD 
By the way, WELCOME! to my new followers! =)
I'm preparing to host my first mini-giveaway in a few days..teehee~
Japanese researchers have discovered a way to render a dead animal’s flesh and muscles completely transparent, and somehow dyed their skeletal systems a variety of cyan and magenta colors, all presumably in the name of scientific research.

protect yourself! - with gameboy themed condoms


Game Boy themed condom boxes made by graphic artist Ben Marsh.
It makes you want to use condoms just for the sake of design.
(Unfortunately these are not sold yet.)

Is the adult content warning for my blog still on? Idk....
I thought this is not too offensive tho....but if so, sorrriiieeez (>__<)

Friday, 2 July 2010

good good food

I got treated to selfmade! delicious Ramen. ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ  umaaaii~!!!

~soy and miso flavour~
eating good food together always makes me happy.
It makes me smile if someone cooks for me.
..but i always fear about gaining weight. haha xD
demo...good memories.

Just to make you all hungry! =P