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Sunday, 11 July 2010

random useless ramblings...

It's so hot thesedays.... and I'm drinkin way too much.
Cant bring myself to do anything useful but too hot to skin gets bad and I gotta go on diet.
Yea, it feels like summer xDDD

Tonights crappy gyaru-ish make up:

 made some light summer food.....
unfortunately i seem to get diarrhea from whatever i eat..
yea, not that anyone would like to know. hahahaha xDDD

Hopefully gonna get some things done and blog tomorrow. (@___@")


  1. your gyaru make up is really good~
    it look preety~
    put a bigger picture! HEHE

  2. Love your makeup & your big eyes!! XDXD

    Anyway thanks for the
    birthday wish~~ (*^-^)/

    Love you!! (^3^) *laughs*