Wednesday, 30 June 2010

uselessupdates: I've got a new phone

My new mobilephone arrived just yesterday.
It's the Samsung S5230 Smartphone: Hello Kitty Edition
and I'm posting about it just because it looks so cute. (-^o^-)/

Friday, 25 June 2010

Magnum Gold?!

After seeing it on many posters and in advertisements
and during a period of total boredom at work
I was searching for reviews on Magnum Gold.
Usually I prefer scoops of ice-cream on a cone (real gelato) but:

"Our first "Golden ice cream" cracking golden dipped milk chocolate covering smooth Madagascan Vanilla ice cream with a swirl of delicious caramel."
is what it says on Magnum's Website
(by Walls/Langnese/and whatever that company is callled in other countries..)

Sparkling Gold?! And it's food?!
Of course I had to have it!

And after strolling through 4 different supermarkets, I finally found it. At £1.39 , not too bad.

It really is shimmering golden~!
It was tasty, however no completely spectacular taste,
as I would have expected for something named that stunning.

boring post probably lol...
What's your favourite ice-cream??
And do you have Magnum Gold in your country? Or the Magnum range at all?
Maybe it's just a regional thing....don't know...

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

キノコランプ - the great mushrooming

(Quite beautiful) Website:
(directly to Gallery:

These Japanese mushroom lamps are so beautiful!

Do want!! \(>o<)/

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A new craze among Chinese dog owners ?

Original Article via Daily Mail

"Victims of the latest craze among some dog owners in China to dye their pets to look like other animals"
 Those Chow-Chows seriously look like Pandas. O__o
They dont notice the colour-change anyways?
Or is it just cruel to those pets?

Friday, 11 June 2010

My internship - advertisement for myself..teeheee xD

I moved to London to do an internship with a company
that developes smartphone games called Future Games Of London
and so far it's fun.
The second part of their game Hungry Shark is available in the appstore now.
 I did level designing/building. And my name is in the credits.
So those of you blessed with an iPhone: buy it!!! because I say so! xDDDD
Of course it's a really fun game too.Haha~

You play a shark and eat basically everything swimming around in the sea, but there are dangers too.
(Yeah, as I love eating it's no wonder I like the game. xDD)

Part 1 is available for Android phones too.

FGOL website: