Friday, 25 June 2010

Magnum Gold?!

After seeing it on many posters and in advertisements
and during a period of total boredom at work
I was searching for reviews on Magnum Gold.
Usually I prefer scoops of ice-cream on a cone (real gelato) but:

"Our first "Golden ice cream" cracking golden dipped milk chocolate covering smooth Madagascan Vanilla ice cream with a swirl of delicious caramel."
is what it says on Magnum's Website
(by Walls/Langnese/and whatever that company is callled in other countries..)

Sparkling Gold?! And it's food?!
Of course I had to have it!

And after strolling through 4 different supermarkets, I finally found it. At £1.39 , not too bad.

It really is shimmering golden~!
It was tasty, however no completely spectacular taste,
as I would have expected for something named that stunning.

boring post probably lol...
What's your favourite ice-cream??
And do you have Magnum Gold in your country? Or the Magnum range at all?
Maybe it's just a regional thing....don't know...


  1. I live in Hungary and after seeing lots of posters and advertisements I tried Magnum Gold a few weeks ago, it's sooooo tasty. The taste reminds me of coffee and caramel:) But my absolute favourite is still the almond flavoured magnum:)

  2. Yep we have Magnum in my country (germany) and also Magnum Gold. I tried it once but it was kind of boring. I prefer scoop ice cream... peach or some fruity flavour :)