Sunday, 20 February 2011

crazy bana-nana-na-na-na

OMG! *___*  Do want! eat! now!

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next post coming soon~.

Friday, 4 February 2011


I was just thinking...
Should I introduce the city a bit?
I could make some posts introducing different places (like some kind of series..)
with info and pictures and such.

Yes? No? Kool? Completely boring?

Other than that I'll try to keep it up quirky and geeky.

Love, London, Life n such...

I'm really not quite sure how to start blogging again...
however I dont want to just let this die. (>_<)
I think I should make some changes..but Im not sure where exactly to start...

So just a small update about life... I graduated last October (did I ever mention that before? O__o ). I moved back to London - and since last month am working for
as a video game tester, doing Language QA.
I love it! It's quite fun and the atmosphere is like in a big family.

Still gotta sort out lots of stuff,
but hope to get this going again...