Thursday, 2 December 2010

Random Snowy Update + NewHaircolour

At -9 degrees and with loadsa snow these days are golden.
Everything looks so peacefully covered in white. =] 

And I managed to achieve the ultimate whiteness in my haircolour too.
Sorry for the crappy pic..but that's what I look like. xDDD
Yea, my teeth are that crooked. and oh, that's actually white eyeshadow on my lips.
It will be an eye-opener to those of my friends who still like to believe my overbleached blonde hair happened by accident.
Surprise! I want it that way! And no I dont care if other ppl do not like it.

Nevertheless, I want to change my haircolour into something more natural like that:
I was lazy and did this with the stupid cosmopolitan makeover tool, which also changes the shape of your face and stuff... xDD
and the shape of my face doesn't match that of any celebrities....

But I'm not quite in a christmassy giving spirit yet...
I just made a present I thought was nice..
but the recipient didn't like it.
I  even made comment -good or bad- at all...
I'm frustrated to have put lots of effort into smthn so useless. =(

Also I was happy to get a part time job and finally make some money..
when my glasses (after years of wearing) scattered to pieces yesterday and it will be around 300 to replace them. Shite!

Hahahah xDD
Who knows..I might look like this once I'm old...
This makeover tool sucks ass....


  1. also diese makeover-bilder sin echt...amüsant xD

    das mit dem geschenk is schade...ich kenn das zu gut, is ne unglaubliche enttäuschugn wenns dem empfänge rnich gefällt..

    UND! deine haare! woah! so weiß ♥ total toll

  2. if you wanna know what you look like with a different hair color then just tell me! i'm a photoshop genius xD i like your blond hair thought ^_^ it would be so easy to make it a cool color like purple or green being so light :>

  3. Lol! Why did you put white eyeshadow on your lips? XDXD And is your puppy eating the snow? Awwwww~~~~♥♥ It's soooooo cute! o(>w<)o