Monday, 15 November 2010

Unicorn cookies

Yay~!! The first christmas baking for this year is done
and made a glorious start into the cookie making season.
Most of them are usual christmassy things, 
but I also made a batch of unicorn cookies
that I thought were worth sharing. =]

They could have been more cute tho. <__<"

☆Baking FTW!☆


  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ICH MAG SIE dezent ESSEN

  2. GLITZERPONYS!!!! °______________°

    Bitte nicht essen, sie sind doch die "letzten" ihrer Art ^^

  3. Oh my God it's unicorn cookies!!♥♥(*o*) They look yummy, please send me those delicious yummiest things, right now! Bwahahaha (^o^;;) You are so lucky because you know how to bake cookies because I don't. *cries* o(;A;)o

    Hehehe, yup! (^_~)-☆ Japanese sweet potatoes are expensive especially the high-quality ones, but hey! My grandma at Japan has a small garden full of sweet potatoes and pumpkins and watermelons etc so we don't have to buy them! (*^o^*) Yay! Last year when I visited her in Naraken, I actually helped her to sell some of her sweet potatoes and we gained a lot of money! o(´ω`)o

    Anyway, about Berry... Yup, it saddens me to see her gloom all days :( and I hate all her friends who call her a "weird" person! I mean she doesn't even look weird to me and I personally think she's a cool and an amazing friend!(*^o^*)

  4. WOW!! It's the first time I've heard of 'unicorn cookies'... and it looks yummy and delicious!! I wanna HAVE one.. or maybe two, three?? HAHAHA ^_^

  5. They are definately super cute!