Monday, 8 November 2010

Hello Kitty Modification

Today I decided to decorate/modify 
an old Hello Kitty shower gel figure.
This is what it used to look like.
I drew on it with pencil first 
 and coloured it afterwards.

I like it way more now, because it doesn't look plain and usual anymore. =]
How d'you think?


  1. woha, really cool! love your idea (^o^) wish this would be avaible in stores |D

  2. OMG das sieht extrem super aus!!!!
    Würd ich dir gern nachmachen um ehrlich zu sein xD Aber ich bin nich so talentiert, haha~

  3. :o omg i love it!!! i would totally buy that!! you should consider product design :)
    and thanks for your sweet comments <3 chu ~

  4. .. ach wie die alte (mutsumi) sich klein macht. zh zh

    sieht echt SAU GUT aus !! tolle idee und sehr gut umgesetzt ! wie gut kannst du bitte gehirne zeichnen ? XD neid !

  5. lol, those are great. You are very creative. :-)

  6. Awesome mod! Perfect way to make something more personal~ Hello Kitty needs a more evil make-over anyways ;3

  7. I've got one of them in my room with a pink dress, but I think this is a bit too scary for me. Quite a good idea to pimp a normal Hello Kitty figure. nice :)

  8. A second comment, because you get an award for your great Blog!

    lg Milla