Friday, 19 November 2010

Super big Thank You!

First of all I wanna thank you for the nice comments on my Hello Kitty Modification Post! =D
They made me super happy.
Also, I've reached 42 followers now. W000t?! Awesomeness! (^0^)/
Maybe I should think about a giveaway sometime...and finally change the blog layout to something more professional.>_<
Big thanks to all of you!

I was given an Award by Milla some time ago.
Thank you so much!! =]
I want to pass it on to Sakura and Eri and Berry. =]

Also I received a very cute pixel from Berry! x3
I'm so happy we are friends!
 Thank you so much~~~!!(^-^)/ 

Soo ..on to something different...
I got some ointment which should help to reduce back pain
and right after I rubbed it on my back it started burning...
and now it looks like this:
WTF?! T__T ouchhh.......
you can clearly see how red it got compared to my natural skin..
much more pain than before.


  1. ouch..sorry to hear what happened to your back..i can feel the pain ..>.<

  2. thank you aidyl ^_^ i'm glad you like the pixel & im glad we're friends too ^_^ <3

  3. Get well soon Aidyl! (> <;;) I guess the ointment didn't work so well, eh?