Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Yesterday I decided to bake Melonpan.
It was kinda out of the blue...
I used a recipe I found online to buy all the ingredients and just started
(without having actually read the recipe beforehand).
Gosh! I had no clue it was going to be so time consuming and messy.

The coating dough was very sticky and the bread dough took ages to rise...
I also wanted to add some actual melon flavouring which I had to make myself by cooking fresh melon...

They dont quite look the part..I couldnt manage to do the melon pattern on top,
they tasted pretty decent. =)
forgot the sugar coating on the first batch...

I handed some of them out to people and they said they were yummy!
So, success, I guess.. xD         I'll have another try to improve sometime.
Yah, I'm weird.


  1. i may try to make that myself ^^ soon as i have money xD i have been missing you so much aidyl-sempai TT-TT *hugs*

  2. It looks good ^^ I also want to try that,
    I like your haircolor in these photos! ^^

  3. aww..ive been craving for it ever since ive watched shakugan no shana..

    can you give me the recipe? :3

  4. Ohh I love melon pan!!!