Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Got mullet?

I have been looking at people with mullets for the last two hours. (Gosh! What the **** am I using my time for?!)
(and no, they didn't all pass by in front of the window..)

Why, oh, why would you want a haircut that actually looks like you've got two ?! Jeez!

I think I'm pretty tolerant but this....well I have nothing against the people sporting it...just the haircut itself.

[pictures linked to source]


  1. The second picture looks cute! Hehehe (^w^)
    Are you going to blog again? =C

  2. hahaha!! i laugh viewing your post! hahaha XD

    pretty cool style..XP

  3. OMG UR BACK?! stayy!!! me and rabbito miss you!!!!!!!!!!! please dont leave again D:
    and mullets are wierd but you get used to them after a while XD

  4. You guys are awesome!!!<3<3<3
    I am back and think I will keep blogging, at least for some time~~!!

  5. Don't let the "boyfriend" matter distracts you from blogging ne! Because everyone here misses you and it saddens me when one of my friends stops blogging =(

    Anyway, thanks for the wish ♥ I'm feeling better now! (^_~) Ahoy! (^O^) *laughs*