Thursday, 6 May 2010

sorries... : (

hey guys!
..just to let you not dead...
lots of things are going on...

I moved to london 3 days ago...
however i have no flat at the moment im being kinda homeless...
staying at a too expensive hotel...moving to a 9-bed dorm hostel room tomorrow..horrible!
and even worse...
my laptop is broken. : (
using stupid internet cafe at the moment..
Im close to despair every other moment...

I want to comment on your blogs and reply!

Also I saw I got an award from Berry!
I am so happy about it! Thank you so much Berry!!
I will post it here soon.

And write again to all of you.

I hope i can fix my situation asap.
Otherwise Im going crazy.



  1. awww..take care of yourself..i hope things will turn out well as soon as possible :)

  2. Really? Yay! I would like to be your penpal as well XDXD Going to send you a postcard about where I stay now ♥