Friday, 28 May 2010

Random Girly Ramblings: Dressed to Kill

On my way home I used to pass a shop,
and In the window display they have the dress of my dreams~!
I have never seen any dress before that I liked more than this one.
It has something to it that strikes me with amazement.
I just want that dress! (Gosh..Im so girly..but seriously..)
But probably my fatass wouldnt fit anyways, haha. (T__T) digicam is not good..

Oh, and after recently seeing lots of gyaru-bloggers making this hairstyle.
I tried to give it a go myself. What do you think?
Tho I'm more of a  don't-look-at-me-person and probably wouldn't go out like this. (u__u)

Meehh~ before this blog gets to girly, gonna post some geekery next time.


  1. Nyamii :9 The candies look edible.
    Kikiki o(*^ ^*)o Are you a gyaru blogger? (o.o;;)
    Cuz you look like a lolita for me XPXP

    By the way, thanks for the comment! It was the first comment, wheeee~~! But I didn't feel sad anymore~~ Arigatou!! m(_ _)m

    From Rabbito ♥ ☆ラビトのブログ☆

  2. i like the dress..:D

    hehe..nice picture!!

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

  3. das kleid ist ein traum (*_*)