Tuesday, 27 April 2010

This ain't a scene it's a g*****n arms race...

I'm back~I had to hand in my final exam yesterday ~pehw~
it was so damn stressful and i didnt sleep much
Anywas~ I'm back now.
So I'm going to visit and comment your blogs asap!

As Im having time now to do stupid things now,
I once again made a VampireFreaks account.
I kinda hate this website..but have been making and deleting accounts for ages..haha
and now the time has come that i signed up again.
In honour to that I tried to do scene hair today.......euch
pain in the ass...

that was the poofiest I can go..... =/
my hair is not razored nor does it have choppy layers, so its hard to get it up...
meh~ wanna go to the  hairdresser sometime..


  1. u still look pretty tho, as always ^_^ i have vf too but barely use it >.<

  2. sorry for the late reply~~!
    geez i was soooo tired yesterday (x.x;;)

    anyway with that hair you look
    like a pretty doll ♥ (>w<*)

  3. you look like a doll..and i hope you scored great in your exams

    (p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)..:)

  4. Awwwies~~^o^/
    Thank you all so much!!