Thursday, 29 April 2010

Maimarkt Expo

There is a big kind of expo called Maimarkt (May market) taking place every year.
It's quite close to my hometown, so I'm going there everytime. There are lots of different tents with exhibitions/stalls on different topics ( like travel,gardening,food,cars..etc.)
old german police car

a baker's paradise  x3
and then there is my most-bestest-uber-favourite "exhibition" of all:
food wonderland!! *__* and the best thing is that YOU CAN TRY EVERYTHING.
So by the end you're through, you're either drunk or feel like having eaten for 2 weeks.
I had my favourite meal: Tarte FlambeƩ

It can only be topped by the  LEGO and PLAYMOBIL- Playgrounds tho! lol
where I'm probably the biggest kid between all the play zookeeper and Lego StarWars.

Oh and here is some jewellery I got ...
bonbon hairclip, pretzel bracelett, food necklace and sushi earrings. x3
...and a stupid sunburn down my arms and face.......anyways
All in all it was awesome! xD
But fun ends tomorrow..
I have to do a presentation of my final exam to the school's principal and professors...
and explain the damn coding line for line. I'm so scared..... >___<
but trying to keep a 1337 G33k Programmer's attitude.....somehow...naaahhww  (T___T)

A more interesting post tomorrow?  Hell yes!!

I wanna change the blog's layout smthn with more..dunno..quality..maybe..

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