Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Uncreate me 2....

I'm back~~~ and in the middle of a new school project.
It's a 3D game project using Gamestudio A7 (coding in Lite-C) and Cinema 4d.

At the moment I'm in the role of the level-designer.....
ugahhh..I really don't like Cinema.
Ever tried to shape a palmtree out of a cube??! x__X
This is what I've created so far..so crappy....
and there's still a lot to do:
It's kind of an Egypt themed landscape. (I wanted to add Cthullu somewhere tho..lol..maybe if I have time..)


  1. i'm absolutely clueless about this.. XD

    Good luck on your school project!

  2. wow..school project..? this is amazing~!!!

    wb back btw and visit my blog if you have time ^_^

  3. it looks like a proper work! its great u can program palm tree out of squares! well done!

  4. Always make the time for Things Man Was Not Meant To Know! hahah!
    It looks good.
    Rock on!

  5. Thank you all so muuuuch!!! =)
    Its finished and turned out to bee quite good.
    The level is fully playable. ^-^v

    @Rex Venom: Hi there! Long time no see...er..read. lol
    Awesome to hear from you again!! =)

  6. haha yes ♥ that's why I don't really like 3D work, because it works so slowly. I mean you have to try out so many things before it really looks like what it was supposed to be in your mind.

    Ich mag die pinke Perücke ♥

  7. WAAA your school project is cool~~
    do you made it by yourself? woooww