Friday, 26 March 2010

Arcade Aid

(ZOMG~ I haven't been posting since long....dayum~ >__<)

For all the video game geeks out there,
I recently found a very interesting
...and frustrating *sigh*...

On Acarde Aid there's a Game-Quiz 
in which you have to guess the titles of video games.
There are 56 to guess.
I made it up to 36..then had to stop because of total brainfuck. 
Whyyy I cannot figure those last ones out??!! T__T
Anyways~ It's fun! =)


  1. wow~ archades~~~!!!!xDD!!

    the first award you can have it..i am sharing it to all my dear followers :)

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    i love your site & yourself too^^^

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  3. @ ayu : Thank you!!! =) It's the first award I ever received. Ureshiii~!^-^

    @rabbito: Thank you sooo much!!! ^o^/
    I am following you too!!!
    I just love your blog! <3
    Rather Pretty-Amazing! Seriously, you're so cute. =D

  4. hi aidyl!!

    lol thanks o(^-^)o

    anyway what is your favourite food??

    hapi sunday to you too!