Sunday, 24 January 2010

Japanese Blue Beer and the Genealogy of Lolcats.

Well, one hasn't got really anything to do with the other....
but both of them were kinda too short for seperate posts.

Japanese blue beer by Abashiri brewery in Hokkaido.

This brew is made using water from melted icebergs, that float around Hokkaidos beaches, and seaweed.
I would so love to try this, not for the taste tho, just because it's blue. 
Official website in Japanese:
They also seem to have red, green and pink ones.  =D

And now something completely different:
The genealogy of LOLCATS
Some of them are just hilarious! Hahaha!


  1. Oh I want to try Japanese blue beer! :D

  2. Tamotsu!!!! =D
    I am so happy for your comment!!
    Yea, I want to try it too. It looks so funky! haha~^^
    btw, my letter is on the way to you.

  3. I also happy talk with you again!! XD
    I enjoy your blog! :)
    oh, Thank you so much!
    sometimes post trouble.