Sunday, 20 December 2009

Please defreeze!

Temperature here has fallen to -15°C!!
I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked the thermometer. F**K!!
My feet are freezing inside of my shoes. This is horrible!
I need to emigrate.


  1. Yikes! -15?
    I guess that's.... 5°Fahrenheit?

  2. You just need some Heat in your life! Someone to fill your nights with Warmth that keeps the Heat in your mind all day long! haha!
    Rock on!

  3. @Collin: was so damn cold... however, temperature rose again and the bit of snow we had is all gone again...Damn. (oh my, is that a rhyme?! lol)

    @Rex Venom: Haha..I wish....
    I just declared war on my it seems I wont participate in a warm, cozy family christmas this year.
    And my bf lives a gazillion miles away.
    Maybe I should watch more porn!...haha..would help on the heat issue...

    So... Merry XXX-Mas?! Haha!

  4. Though some may label me a perv, and some may be a bit correct, I am of the view that more porn, in the right way and the right time, can improve just about any situation usually.
    Heat and warmth. Fun fun fun!
    Rock on!