Saturday, 12 December 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Today we had this winter's first snow. =)
Not a lot, and nothing to stay either...
just a bunch of small white snowflakes gently floating from the black night sky. 
 Yet they filled my heart with joy.
I really love snow!
Watching it fall is just amazingly beautiful and romantic everytime.
I hope we will get white christmas this year!


  1. Aw... snow. Which part of the world are you in btw?

    C K

  2. wow.. u did visit my blog..hehe.. tQ =) nway.nice to know u.. keep blogging.. ;)

  3. Think it might snow here this week

  4. @CK: I'm (stuck) in a very...VERY small village in Germany. (>__<)°

    @aishahZ: Sure! =) Your blog layout is soo cute!!! Thank you for visiting too!

    @Mo: Yea, it finally did, rite?!
    A friend of mine told me. ^-^