Thursday, 28 July 2011

Paper Eyelashes - Paperself

made from Paper cut-outs.

I'd love to try these !

- especially the 'Under the Sea' ones:

Can be bought here:


  1. wowwww omg that is so cool! i would have never thought of something like that! it would be so hard to cute those out o_o even with an exacto knife
    i look like jack sparrow? are you hitting on me XDXD
    and you need internets :D i would love to see what you do with your blog ^_^ i do like your header though, it's so cute ^_^~~~

    and if you have FB please like my blog page :D

  2. wow..that's so creative..i wonder how they made them..and i imagine you cannot cry when you put them on o.0!!

    RE:thanks for the comment! unfortunately, even though the typhoon i mentioned is now out of our country another one follows up..a new one :<

  3. ohmy, sooo cool!!!
    I really want to try them, haha thanks for sharing this dear :)

    1st visit here :D