Thursday, 16 September 2010

Car (I couldn't think of some smart title....)

My uncle from Lithuania and his family
came to visit here some days ago.
To cut a long story short:
As he doesn't want to take his Porsche with him
and it has been standing around here parked for nothing since long,
he now decided to sell it.

Ouww~ my heart is bleeding!
I do want this car! I just luv the brand, the shape and its colour~
However I don't even have a drivers license.
But damn I'd love to drive that freakin' awesome car!!

Oh how I wish I could drive! (;__;)
No money = no drivers license = no car. = me sad sad life.

What is actually the purpose of this blogpost??
Don't ask me! (>_<)
I'm intoxicated with cake and wanna take a shower!

Why yes, my next post should be about cake! Awesome cake in particular! (O__O)

I want that car....


  1. This is one hell of a car! Is it a 944?
    It still looks good.

  2. cool car~! haha..i agree with you,..all problems about material things root in lack of money :P

    ill look forward to your 'about CAKE' post..i <3 cakes ~! but not too much! HAHA..:D

    RE: im so happy we both finished our exams! that's so nice! btw..what's your new job..? :)

  3. Dann mal Glückwunsch dass du die Prüfungen hinter dir hast ♥

    Ich kann das Porto bezahlen, also würd ich mich wirklich sehr freuen wenn du mir alle Zeitschriften überlässt (*_____*)♥ Ich hab au welche aus diesen Jahren xDDD♥

    Mh zu direkten Anime/Manga Treffen in Ma und Umgebung geh ich nichtmehr..die Leute dort naja..sin nich so ganz meins. Aber ich treff mich mit Freunden (alle mit den gleichen Interessen) immer Mittwochs. Also falls du mal kommen magst, jederzeit! Wir gehn au oft Samstags weg usw ^^ Hast du vll MSN?

  4. Hey,

    I'm Dayton, of the blog,, I really want to thank you for following me, each one of my followers means a lot to me. I got to ask though how did you find my blog and what made you want to follow it? Talk soon.


    PS. Love that color too!

  5. Verzeihen Sie mir für Aufstellen auf Englisch, hat nicht erkannt, dass Sie deutsch waren.


    Ich bin Dayton des Blogs, ilikeyounowgohome. blogspot. com. Ich will wirklich zu vielen Dank für Folgendes mich, jedes, das einer von meinen Anhängern viel mir bedeutet. Ich muss fragen, wie haben Sie mein Blog gefunden und, was Sie gemacht hat, folgen wollen ihm? Reden Sie bald.


    PS. Lieben Sie jene Autofarbe auch und GROSSES Profilbild

  6. about ive said the season 1 is totally a confusing one.season 2 will unravel all the mysteries..:) just be patient and youll like it :D